Foot Fire!

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International Folk Sounds is happy to present its second CD, Foot Fire, chock full of dance tunes from around the world. Reproducing the flavor of the music from each country, the IFS include traditional instruments such as the gajda (goatskin bagpipe), tambura (Macedonian stringed instrument) and tupan (large Balkan drum); the bouzouki (Greek stringed instrument); the charango (Andean stringed instrument) and the balalaika (Russian stringed instrument). The CD includes fast, exciting dances in unusual rhythms as well as some slow and easy ones, all very danceable for international folk dance groups. There are circle and line dances as well as couple dance tunes. Twenty-one songs on one CD! Can’t beat it!

Foot Fire Tunes

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To order: Mail a check for $17 ($15 + $2 for shipping) to: Susan Anderson 655 Crestwood Road Wayne, PA 19087 OR To order online:, where you can also hear 30-second sound clips of each of the songs on the cd.) Questions? Contact Susan:

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